Squad Structure


All potential members are invited for a free trial where they will be assessed to determine their level of ability. If they are of sufficient standard they may be invited to join the club in one or other of the training squads below. Younger swimmers, or those coming from swimming lessons will be  invited to join the waiting list for our 10 week Improver group. After 10 weeks some swimmers are ready to join the club. If our coaches feel that they still need to work on some skills in detail they may be offered a further course of lessons

Club Squads:

The club is divided into the following squads according to the age and level of ability of the individual swimmer. There are standard criteria for moving through the squads, based on the 3A’s of attitude, ability and achievement.

Generally swimmers join the club as members of:

:- Pre -Squad, the first club group where swimmers consolidate what they have learned on Improvers and increase their skills and fitness ready to move into:

:- Training Squads 2,3, training twice a week and concentrating on stroke technique and skill based work such as starts, turns, diving etc.

:- Training Squad 1 increased training to 3 times per week, consolidating the skills already learned and increasing stamina.

:- Development Squads 1,2 & 3 Swimmers move through these groups in a progressive way, gradually increasing pooltime as they improve their speed and skills. Development train 3-5 times a week(4 – 7.5 hrs) and work on both stroke technique and stamina in preparation for various levels of competition from Graded to Open Galas.

:- Potential Squad train for up to 12 hours weekly and are likely to be competing in  open galas and County and Regional competition. Training is more focused on fitness, use of pacing and more advanced drills. In addition these swimmers will be attending one or two land based fitness sessions each week

:- Elite Squad consists of swimmers who have achieved Regional/National standard and are expected to train six times a week, plus dry land workouts. They can access 13.5 hrs training time per week. Training is based on utilising all energy systems with emphasis on both technique and speed. Most swimmers will be competing in open and regional competitions and will have achieved or will be working towards National Qualification.

:- Senior Fitness Squad Senior swimmers who no longer want to compete but wish to continue their involvement with the club and maintain their fitness may move to this squad. They train twice a week on Tuesday and Friday evenings following a schedule designed to maintain fitness levels.

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Our aim is to promote, encourage and develop competitive swimming for children from 6 years old. We also have a thriving Masters section.

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