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If you are an experienced swimmer moving into the area or you wish to return to competitive swimming, please get in touch using the details below and we will see where you can fit into our friendly club.

We recognise that many youngsters who have either been to swimming lessons, or have been taught to swim by their parents, can be very confused by the different skills required as a swimming club member. Diving, tumble turns, streamlining etc are all things that need to be learnt well if swimmers are to progress to a higher level. With this in mind, we like to organise a 10-15 minute trial, where we can get a gauge of your child's current ability level and answer any questions that you may have.  Your child may then be invited to attend our improver sessions, which we run regularly for 10-weeks, on Friday evenings (5 – 6pm). Here children are taught the skills that they need to be able to join the club.

Following on from these lessons, swimmers may be invited to join the club. Alternatively, they may be offered a further course of lessons (2 courses allowed) or they can have their name put back on the waiting list for a further place.

If your child is interested in attending an improver course or joining the club please contact the Head Coach, Barbara Wilkinson by one of the following means:

EMAIL jbl.wilkinson@btinternet.com
MOBILE 07971 486 025

* If you are only just starting out on your swim journey and would like to know more about galas and how they work CLICK HERE



Swimming Victory

Meet Barbara, our Head Coach. She founded the club with her husband John in 1988. Barbara is a qualified level 3 Swim Coach. She trains our swimmers on a voluntary basis, working alongside a great team of enthusiastic volunteer coaches, who turn up, day in, day out - for the love of the sport, our swimmers and the Club.

And this is our fabulous coaching team...

Swimming Victory

Some of our younger swimmers...

...right through to some of our older swimmers.


Finally, meet Mia!...

Mia is hearing impaired. She swam recently, in the annual GB Deaf Championships and currently holds a Great Britain, Deaf Swimming National Age Group Record, for the 400 Freestyle!