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Updated: Jun 25, 2022

There's a great history and story around our 'Sub 60' list.

We started this list back in 1998 - 10 years after the club started, with swimmer Kevin Hare. He won a £20 prize, which the Head coach had put up for the first swimmer to go sub 60 seconds (for a 100 free).

In the following 10 years, Kevin was joined by a further 6 swimmers including the first female swimmer to join the group.

Fast forward more than another 10 years to the present day, and they are joined by 13 more swimmers, to bring the illustrious total to 20.

In addition, we now have 2 members who have gone sub one minute on a form (other than Fc) stroke – a feat that is sure to grow in numbers as the swimmers work and improve.

Check out the swimmers who've made it onto our sub 60 list.


(If you're viewing on a mobile device, swipe left and right to view the full list)

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