Our Sub-60 Set

As our swimmers get faster so does our list of those who’ve managed to go under a minute for 100M Fc. We started this list in 1998, 10 years after the club started, with swimmer Kevin Hare, who won the £20 prize the Head coach had put up for the first swimmer to break the sub 60 seconds. In the following 10 years Kevin was joined by a further 6 swimmers including the first female swimmer to join the group.

Fast forward more than another 10 years to the present day and they are joined by 13 more swimmers to bring the illustrious total to 20. In addition we now have 2 members who have gone sub one minute on a form (other than Fc) stroke – a feat that is sure to grow in numbers as the swimmers work and improve.

                                    The Loftus Dolphins Sub 60 Sets
Swimmers who have swum 100M F/c                            Swimmers who have swum 100M Form
in under 1 minute.                                                               in under 1 minute.
Kevin Hare 1998                                                                  Henry Hickson 2016 Bk
Steven Morgan 2000                                                          Owen Robson 2018 Bk & in 2019 Fly
Laura Welford 2002                                                           Who, & on what stroke, will be next?
Phil Bunnett 2003
Paul Robson 2004
Ricky O’Cain 2008
Jack Hepburn 2008
Liam Pearson 2010
Ryan Smith 2012
Becky Kidd 2013
Henry Hickson 2013
Sean Armstrong 2015
Matthew Keogh 2015
Hannah Trowsdale 2016
Owen Robson 2017
Ben Robinson 2017
Josh Warner-West 2018
Drew Chesters 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Archie Barker 2019

and now:

Finley Easton 2021

Will YOU be next ? ? ?


Qualified ASA Level 3 coach. Set up Loftus Dolphins swimming club in 1988 along with husband John.

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