Club Rules

Club Rules

1. Training fees are payable by monthly standing order. Members whose fees remain outstanding 2 weeks after payment dates are in breach of their membership and will not be allowed to swim.

2. An annual membership fee is payable on January 1st or at the time of joining. This fee includes registration fees paid to the ASA and N E Region, insurance and administration costs. Parents join the club as associate members and are eligible to vote at the A.G.M.

3. Renewal of membership will be at the chief coach’s discretion.

4. Any member whose conduct is unsatisfactory may be suspended or have his/her membership terminated.

5. All swimmers must be willing to represent the club in galas if selected.

6. Members must wear a club hat when representing the club in any gala.

7. All kit should be marked with the owner’s name. The club cannot be held responsible for lost or mislaid items

8. Spectators at training sessions are not allowed onto the balcony but may view from the café area.

9. No photographs or video can be taken at training sessions without prior permission of the coach and an entry being made in the club log book plus notification to the Leisure Centre management.

10. Swimmers must have at least 50% attendance in order to qualify to swim in the annual club championships.

11. Training water bottles MUST be made of plastic as should any shampoo or other containers.

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We are a small club located in the north
east of England about 15 miles north of

Our aim is to promote, encourage and develop competitive swimming for children from 6 years old. We also have a thriving Masters section.

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