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Updated: Jan 29, 2023

We are excited to announce that we currently have spaces for swimmers within our 'Improver' section. If you have a child that enjoys swimming and who would like to further their skill level, by learning to swim competitively, then look no further!

Our improver section is ideal for swimmers who have reached a stage 8+ in swim lessons; generally aged around 7-9, but who have never swam competitively. Over a 10 week period, we work with them and teach them the skills that they need to be able to join a competitive swim club. Diving, tumble turns, streamlining etc are all things that need to be learnt well if swimmers are to progress to a higher level. Following on from these improver sessions, swimmers may be invited to join the club. Alternatively, if we feel they aren't quite ready to progress, they may be offered a further course of improver sessions (2 allowed before going back onto a waiting list).

We have a fabulous group of swimmers, who enjoy training together, competing and working towards individual goals. Some of the best friendships are born out of a shared hobby/interest. Swimming competitively, is not only good for children physically, but it also helps them to interact socially, and develop good work ethic, amongst many other things!

If you are interested, and would like more information, please get in touch with our head coach Barbara -

or 07971 486 025

We will organise a time for your child to pop down and have a 10/15 min trial, for us to see where they are currently at.

Looking forward to seeing some new faces in January!

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